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An excellent way to learn about the environmental tragedy known as the Tar Creek Superfund Site is to read the following documents.

It is recommended you first read the Glossary where terms used in the reports were defined. It will also be helpful if you read the attachment at the close of OU2 Review and Summary prior to reading the report as it provides the list of acronyms used in it.


OU1 Fact Sheet
A Governors Task Force was formed in 1980 to investigate the Tar Creek Site regarding potential impacts to Human Health and the Environment and to select and implement required remedial actions.  OU1 Fact Sheet is a summary of the history and background of the site, and provides a brief summary of actions and results of what was later named Operable Unit 1 (OU1) by the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA).

OU1 Review and Summary
This draft report is intended to help interested readers understand what occurred during the first stage of the Tar Creek Superfund Site work, which is now referred to as OU1.

OU2 Fact Sheet
The EPA initiated OU2 after the local Indian Health Service clinic sent them data indicating that a high 34% of the children residing on or near the Tar Creek site had blood lead levels at or above 10 micrograms per deciliter (action level set by the CDC. OU2 Fact Sheet is a summary of actions and results of Operable Unit 2 (OU2).

OU2 Review and Summary
This report is a review of OU2, residential and high activity areas (HAA), for the Tar Creek Superfund Site. It includes an introduction and overview, sampling results, selected alternative in the record of decision (recommended alternative for remediation of residential and HAA areas), recommended follow-up actions, response to comments on items in the record of decision (ROD), results of remedial actions, costs, and a summary of work accomplished during OU2 at the time the document was prepared.

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